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Dear My friend,

As you know, we are getting closer to the day of My birthday.
Every year there is a special celebration to honor Me,
and I think this year’s celebration will also be celebrated.

At this time many people shopping for gifts,
many ads on radio and television, and in all over the world.
People talk about the day My birthday is getting near.

It’s nice to know that, at least once a year,
people think of Me.

As you know, the celebration day of My birthday began many years ago.

At first, people seemed to understand and give thanks
for all he has done for them I do, but at the present time, no one seems to know the reason for this celebration.

Relatives, friends and friends, gathered together and enjoying themselves,
but they do not understand the meaning of the celebration.
I remember, years ago there was a big celebration in honor of Me. Banquet table filled with delicious meals, pastries, fruits, assorted candies and chocolates.
The decor was beautiful charming, and there are so many gift-wrapped presents beautiful.

But, there you know? I was not invited.

I was the guest of honor and they do not even remember to send Me an invitation.

The party was for Me, but when the big day coming, I left out they closed the door in my face?
when I so wanted to be with them, sit down and eat with them.
In fact, it does not surprise Me, because in recent years,
they closed the door for Me.
Because not invited, I decided to join the party without attracting attention.
I went and stood in the corner.

They all have a drink; some even began to get drunk
and throwing jokes and laughing at everything.
Indeed, they cheerfully into raptures in debauchery.

At the top of the show, a big old fat dressed in red,
a long white beard, entered the room while calling Ho-Ho-Ho!
Apparently he was drunk. He sat on the couch and the children ran to meet him,
exclaiming, Santa Claus, Santa Claus; as if this party for him!

puff night all embraced each other.
I also extended My hand wishing Me a hug.
And do you know, no one came to give Me a hug.
Then, they started handing out gifts. They opened presents
Each with great curiosity.
When everything has got a part,
I searched there might be a gift for Me.
How the hell do you feel
when on your birthday everybody shared gifts
while you yourself do not get any?

Therefore, I understand that I do not want the party,
and I even left the party quietly.

Every year, it got worse. People only remember the gifts, party, eat and drink
no one will remember Me.

This Christmas I miss you let me go in your life.
I miss you recognize the fact that more than two thousand years ago,
I came into the world to give My life for you, crucified, in order to save you.

Today, I miss you guys believe this with all My heart.
I miss sharing with you.

Because so many people do not want to invite Me to their party,
then I will hold My own party,
such a great party that had ever imagined,
a spectacular party.

Now I’m doing final preparations.
Today I sent a lot of invitations, as well as for you.
I long to know if you intend to come.
I will provide a place for you and write your name
with golden letters in my guest book.

Only those who are in the guest list will be invited to the party.

Those who did not answer this invitation will stay outside.
Get ready, because when everything is ready, you will
become part of My great party.

Bye. I love you!


Matthew 22: 1-14



“hidup di dalam Tuhan merupakan suatu kebahagian bagi kita org percaya karna dengan kita mau hidup bersama Dia,,segala sesuatu yg kita harapkan akan terwujud dengan cara yg sangat ajaib..,hidup yg hanya mengandalkan diri sendiri tidak akan pernah berhasil karna pada dasarnya hidup yg mengandalkan diri sendiri dan kekuatan sendiri adalah hidup yg tidak mengandalkan Tuhan yg ujungnya menuju kepada kegagalan”.

Hidup ini adalah suatu tempat dan juga anugerah yg Tuhan berikan buat kita manusia.Kita adalah sebuah ciptaan dan tentunya kita ada karna ada penciptanya,dan pencipta kita yaitu Tuhan.Oleh karna itu kita harus selalu mengucap syukur kepadaNya karna telah mengaruniakan hidup ini kepada kita…..

dan…,jika dalam hidup kita,kita mengalami begitu banyak cobaan janganlah kita bersunggut-sunggut atau mengutuki hidup kita,,,karna sama saja kita tidak mensyukuri hidup yang di berikanNya kepada kita.Tapi kita harus menerima dengan ikhlas dan ucapan syukur,dan percaya di balik semua cobaan yg datang ada rencana indah yg telah Ia sediakan bagi kita semua.

believe in Him 100%,and you’ll got a million way to survive,,^^Gbu